[HPGMG Forum] latest HPGMG-FV release transposes the data structure to facilitate OpenMP4/OpenACC/CUDA implementations

Sam Williams swwilliams at lbl.gov
Thu Jan 22 04:59:39 UTC 2015

FYI, the latest HPGMG-FV release transposes the internal data layout to facilitate any potential OpenMP4/OpenACC/CUDA implementations.  This should be completely transparent and does not affect any existing operators as the code previously did not assume data was contiguous.  It does however, create an additional set of pointers (one per vector) in level_type that point to the union of FP data across all boxes on that level for a specific vector.  Hopefully, this will facilitate any future OpenMP4/OpenACC/CUDA implementations as it allows one to perform one bulk copy (single omp target update/acc copyin/cudamemcpy statement) for *all* boxes on a level instead of having one update/copyin/cudamemcpy for *each* of a variable number of boxes.

At a high level, the figure below highlights the change.

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