Mark Adams mfadams at lbl.gov
Sun Apr 26 15:45:04 UTC 2015

HPGMG list,

We have developed a low communication multigrid techniques, segmental
refinement, which eliminates communication in "local processes" like
smoothers and residual calculation in multigrid.  The repository with the
code, paper, data, etc. is now public: https://bitbucket.org/madams/srgmg.

The coarse grid solver for this method is a traditional highly scalable MG
implementation and this code has been equipped with the metric and
verification of HPGMG.  This is a FORTRAN code, less sophisticated than
HPGMG-FV and HPGMG-FE, and is not intended an HPGMG implementation, but is
related to HPGMG and we wanted to share it with the list.

Mark Adams
Jed Brown
Matt Knepley
Ravi Samtaney
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