[HPGMG Forum] Performance Versatility slides from Monday

Theodore Omtzigt theo at stillwater-sc.com
Fri Nov 28 14:57:40 UTC 2014

On the DOF/J and DOF/$, could we start with the baseline of amortized
power and cost of the facility per year, than prorate it to the run-time
of the benchmark? power and cost of the facility per year should be
easily obtained from the respective powers that be. It would accurately
reflect all the peripheral power (networking gear, storage gear,
security gear, lights, offices of sys admins and security, CRACs, etc.)
and peripheral costs (facility real-estate, backup power capex and
amortization, possible interest payments, etc.)

A supercomputer as a capital asset would need to be budgeted for in this
way anyway, so there is a whole data collection machinery already in
place to get you those numbers. From the application run team's
perspective it may look a bit funny, as the J and $ are not going to be
proportional to the number of cores or nodes, but it would be reflective
of the actual power and $ needed to deliver the performance.

By and large, this would be a good step forward to understand the
proportional dynamics of DOF/J and DOF/$.


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