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Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Mon Jun 9 16:19:58 UTC 2014

"Vitali A. Morozov" <morozov at anl.gov> writes:
> and see that you provide STREAM-based memory bandwidth for some 
> architectures. I suggest to specify a particular benchmark, let us say 
> "triad", because the result of STREAM is benchmark-dependent.

Yes, I would prefer Triad.

> For BG/Q, I have measured 29.3 GB/s/node on "triad". For Cray XC30, I 
> have measured 48.6 GB/s/socket or 97.1 GB/s/node. This is slightly 
> better than the numbers you have reported.

I'll update the BG/Q number.  What code is needed to observe this?  (I
think I've always heard 26-27 GB/s quoted and have not personally
measured higher.)  It would be helpful to list this somewhere on the
ALCF website.

I assume that your 97 GB/s on XC30 using E5-2697v2?  The numbers I used
come from this page which quotes STREAM Triad at 89 GB/s.


> For Cray XC30, the flop rate is 518.4 GF per node. For Xeon E5-2697 v2 @ 
> 2.7 GHz, 

Edison uses E5-2695v2 (2.4 GHz), thus the somewhat lower number.

> each core can have 8 Flops/cycle - 4 way FMA - or 8 * 2.7 = 21.6
> GFlops per core. 12 cores result in 259.2 GFlops per socket, 2 sockets
> give 518.4 GFlops.

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