[HPGMG Forum] HPGMG release v0.1

Mark Adams mfadams at lbl.gov
Mon Jun 9 11:30:09 UTC 2014

On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 7:01 PM, Barry Smith <bsmith at mcs.anl.gov> wrote:

>   Mark,
>    Absolutely right and I noted in my first email, the problem is people
> cannot stop themselves from doing the comparison even when they know that
> it is wrong.

Probably but this might be a benign exercise, like debugging code that you
see in a presentation, at least for people that understand that sockets
have different costs.

> An extreme response might be to normalize the curves from each machine so
> that they all start at the same point and then the only visible information
> would be the scaling for each machine, not that one curve is consistently
> above another curve (because of fatter nodes or whatever). Hmm, maybe that
> is not a bad idea?

This would make it easier to distinguish data/trends that log-log smothers.
 The "socket" data is useful in that it is "raw" data and difference in
performance of a socket is useful, even if not complete without some sort
of cost.  The plasma PIC codes that I work with, for instance, generate
plots like this (sockets).  I could compare and see how much faster IVB is
than BG/Q nodes on these PIC codes and HPGMG. This ratio (Cray/IBM)_PIC /
 (Cray/IBM)_HPGMG might be interesting.
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