[HPGMG Forum] Do we want the benchmark to go into intrinsics?

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Tue Apr 29 16:43:24 UTC 2014

Sam Williams <swwilliams at lbl.gov> writes:

> I think there is a difference in saying 
> - we need a high-quality implementation to tease out the kiviat characteristics in order to showcase the compute requirements of FEM

We need at least this.

> - we need a high-quality reference implementation that's been manually optimized for Mira.

So long as the performance counters reside on BG/Q, the first point
implies some optimization for Mira.  I don't see having the best
possible implementations in the public repository as a problem (indeed,
I think it would be great).  So long as it does not cause portability
problems, I think we are limited only by implementation effort.  I'm
almost done with these tweaks.
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